How to Pack a Parcel

How to pack a parcel with ? This simple question deserves a detailed answer and some necessary premises. Including this: we always pay the utmost attention to every single package, but the main architect of the success of an expedition is you!

By following a few simple tips on how to pack a parcel , therefore, you will avoid unpleasant accidents such as breakage or serious damage to goods. Protecting the objects with suitable materials and packaging techniques according to the goods to be shipped, then, is an indispensable condition for the success of the shipment. Here are some tips on how to pack a package safely.

Pay particular attention to this page and follow the directions we give you. Humbly accept the following practical advice, even if you consider it “discounted” or unimportant. And finally, look carefully at the video guides that has prepared especially for you. They will steal you only a few minutes, but they will avoid you big waste of time (and money) in case of unsuccessful shipments !.

Use undamaged and unlabeled cartons
It is the first rule to follow to properly pack a parcel. Each object must be placed in a cardboard box which must be perfectly intact and free of scratches and holes. Otherwise the express courier can refuse the package and not carry out the shipment.

This important indication on how to pack a parcel does not in any way contrast with the desire to save money and respect the environment. Do you want to use a recycled cardboard? Do well: the environment thanks and fully supports this choice! But make sure there are no old labels still stuck on the outer surfaces. These codes could generate errors and confuse the express courier. Therefore, when you decide to use a new cardboard, make sure that all faces are free of labels. This way you won’t have any problems and your ecological conscience will sleep soundly!

A final indication concerns the cartons used for shipments. advises you to always use the double wave ones. Those cartons, that is, that have a double thickness. This type of boxes, in fact, better resists stress during transport and reduces the risk of breakage.

How to pack a parcel to ship fragile items
Our express couriers are distinguished by their professionalism and the utmost attention to each individual package. But once again you are the one who can avoid breaking the most delicate goods during shipping!

How to pack a package containing fragile products? If you believe that the items to be sent could easily break, protect them using polystyrene or bubble wrap. These two materials have the main characteristic of cushioning each blow and avoiding unpleasant breakages during transport.

In this regard, we invite you to watch the video (on this page) on how to pack a parcel to send fragile items. In about two minutes we will show you which materials to use and how to use them to make a professional packaging.