Practical advice for shipping

Before even boxing everything you have to send, pay close attention to the list of prohibited items and check that the package is within the weight and size limits.

Choose an intact and clean box (the worn ones lose a large percentage of resistance!), It is not necessary to buy it: you could go to the supermarket under the house and request one of those that should be thrown away (ecological choice, pro recycling and above all economic!)

Not wrap the box in the wrapping paper since in case of tearing, the shipping label would also go away with the paper.
Objects with sharp corners or edges and fragile ones must be individually packed with a suitable and suitable protective material and should be placed in the center of the box, the soft and more resistant ones on the sides of the box in order to act as protection.
Use lots of duct tape to seal all seam lines especially if the pack is heavy.

Remove any existing labels or barcodes.
Once the package is ready and packed, write the data of the sender, of the recipient with a double-tipped black marker on the box and leave a space to add the tracking number.

Leave the main front of the box free to be able to affix the shipping label in the appropriate adhesive document envelopes or simply covered with transparent adhesive tape.

Name, Surname those that the driver will find written on the intercom
If the collection is requested from a company, indicate the name of the company and then the name.

Address, be careful to always indicate a house number, check that the postal code is correct and remember that for Ireland it is not essential to indicate the same (in this case we recommend inserting only a few zeros in this field).

Telephone number is important, because for any information regarding the collection or shipment we may need it to request info (be careful not to insert special characters such as – / + or spaces between numbers in this field!)

e mail to the email address of the sender indicated will be sent the shipping label .